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Jun 27

You Get Me

Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

teenage_brother_and_sisterI spend a lot of time with loud, laughing teenagers. I love their energy. I love their whimsy. I love their willingness to have fun.

Have you ever been in a store, library or restaurant and noticed a group of teens gathered near you who were louder than anyone else?

Maybe they were aware of how loud they were.
Maybe they were not.

I also spend a fair amount of time with “socially awkward” teens. Some are more awkward than others:
– They ask questions at inopportune times:
“Can we go to McDonalds now?”

– They uninhibitedly comment, assess and judge:
“Scott, you’re an xxxhole.”

– They uninhibitedly say what most people would not:
“I like (masturbating).”

Most of us don’t, won’t, or wouldn’t be so “bold.” Some of us “know better.”

Some of us are self-aware.
We know how we feel and we express it.
Some of us do not.

Some of us are socially alert.
Some of us are not.

Empathy improves as we accurately understand our own thoughts and feelings.
Empathy occurs when we accurately understand others thoughts and feelings.
Empathy is expressed when we build relationships based on mutual respect.

We empathize when we:
– See with their eyes
– Hear with their ears
– Feel with their heart
– Understand what it means to walk in their shoes

It’s one thing to believe, “I get you.”
It’s still another to hear, “You get me.”

Empathy is one of the great bridges to helping one another feel “not alone.”
Empathy is a gift from God and a blessing for humanity.

“Please God, help us to be people of empathy” is mysilentscream.

When was a time you saw your empathy help someone?


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