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May 15

You Can’t Make Her Happy!

Posted on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Too often we feel responsible for someone else’s happiness.

The Lie

We believe the lie that “I can make someone happy,” and “I can make someone unhappy.”

Because we embrace those lies when relationships fall apart so do we.

She believes, “I wasn’t a good enough girlfriend, so he left me.”
He believes, “I was not there for her when she needed me most, so she left me.”
She believes, “I’m a failure, so he left me.”
He believes, “I unconsciously drove her away, so she left me.”
They believe, “I wasn’t good enough to stop this from happening, so … my heart breaks.”

The Truth

The truth is you cannot “make someone happy.”  Really you can’t.  You could be the kindest nicest person in the world and the other person might not react the way most everyone else would.  You might be amazing and still get dumped.

A poem of the brokenhearted.

You make me.
You break me.

You lie to me.
I lie to me.

You cheat on me.
I hate you.

I can’t stand being alone without you.
I feel so alone with you.

What did I ever do to you?
To give you so much power in me?

I’m weak.
You don’t care.

I can’t even hold myself up.
Right now I need you.
And you aren’t there.

Helpful Help

When we break bones we go to the doctor.
When we break teeth we go to the dentist.
When we break cars we go to mechanics.

Where can we go with a broken heart?

More tomorrow.

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  1. We can go to God when we have a broken heart =)

  2. Robyn, I very much agree!

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