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Jul 10

Winning Runs – Home Run Derby

Posted on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

This week is Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game.  One of the pre-game celebrations is the Home Run Derby.

The MLB Twitter-feed was filled with anticipation.

Will @theCUTCH22 be McCrushin’? How many Trumbombs for @Mtrumbo44? Can Prince or Cano win ?#HRDerby? again?

Here’s my interpretation:

Will (the Pittsburgh Pirates’) Andrew McCutchen win? How many home runs do you think (Anaheim Angels’) Mark Trumbo will hit? Do you think former Home Run Derby champions (Detroit Tigers’) Prince Fielder and (NY Yankees’) Robinson Cano win the Home Run Derby this year?

Last Year

Prince Fielder won the HR Derby in 2009.  Robinson Cano won the Home Run Derby last year.

In 2009  Prince Fielder hit 23 HRs. Last year’s champion, Robinson Cano, had tied the record for third most HRs with 32.

Undoubtedly, both men felt pressure to perform; pressure to win.

This Year

Seventy-one tweets, hundreds of pitched baseballs, and lots of big men swinging baseball bats, and the winner was … Prince Fielder.

1.-P. Fielder 28 2.-J. Bautista 22 3.-M. Trumbo 14 4.-C. Beltrán 12 5.-A. McCutchen 4 C. González 4 7.-M. Kemp 1 8.-R. Canó 0

Prince Fielder had 28 home runs last night.  Last year’s champ, Robinson Cano, had zero!

ESPN’s Buster Olney tweeted, “A lot of players walked over to Cano to console him, and he handled it well. But it’s easy to see that he is really bothered by result.”


What can we do when we feel like we’ve failed?
What can we say to those who feel liked they’ve failed?

Help people to deal with their mistakes and address any fear of failure. 1


We need to identify and understand the nature of humanity’s — of our — search for significance.

Most of us have such a desire for the love and approval of others that we live to please them people — and their expectations — rather than God’s.

We smile when people “Like” what we post on Facebook, or the videos we post on YouTube or when people re-tweet (RT) our tweets, or when people comment on our blog posts.

That’s normal, but those who live for the approval of others are never satisfied, at least not for very long.

A very basic personal need of each individual is to regard her or himself as a worthwhile human being. The need we have for the approval of others underscores a greater and even more basic need; the need for a healthy, positive self-worth.

The Scriptures provide the essentials for discovering our true significance, purpose and worth. The basic purpose why we were created is to honor and glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. 2

Our value is derived from the fact that we are a special creation of God—created in His image. 3

We are lovable, capable and worthwhile.

The first step in discovering our self-worth is understanding that truth makes life significant whether we hit home runs or not, get liked on Facebook, or retweeted.  We are created in the image of God, and neither success nor failure will alter that fact.


1 – The Search For Significance by Dr. Steven C. Riser, Ankerberg Theological Research Institute who gives credit to: The Search for Significance by Robert S. McGee, Rapha Publishing, Houston, TX, 1985.

2 – Ecclesiastes 12

3 – Genesis 2

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