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May 28

Who’s Paying Attention?

Posted on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

IMG_1071Who are you when no one is looking?
What do you do when no one sees?
Who’s paying attention?

Today at TreeHouse we we able to answer those questions for one of our colleagues. In an almost unanimous vote Bill Goon was awarded our annual Teamwork award.

Bill won because when no one is looking, he’s working. When no one sees what he’s doing, he’s doing what he should do.

 Throughout the year Bill makes it possible for every van-driving direct-service staff to:
– Transport teens to programming
– Provide life-transforming one-on-ones.
– Laugh their way to and from trips.
– Enjoy great activities.
– And, do so safely for more than 20 vehicles!

IMG_2458And, do NOT forget how awful the winter was!
– Bill replaced batteries in sub-zero weather.
– Bill replaced windshield wipers in frigid temperatures.

So teens are safe.
So programs are filled.
So lives are changed!

Bill does so much more than just maintain vans.

Bill also maintains four facilities.

Bill clears snow at a ridiculous pace.
Bill repairs toilets with diligence.
Bill replaces lights skying higher than Lebron.
Bill installs security features so staff and teens are safer.
Bill trains us to increase our understanding of our facilities.
Bill fixes leaks more capably than…well someone who fixes leaks and isn’t Bill Goon!

Bill responds to calls when he’s on vacation.
Bill resolves crises when he’s home for the evening.
Bill works weekends above and beyond the call of duty.

Bill_teamworkBill does all this when no one watching!
Bill won the Teamwork award.
We’ve been watching.

Who are you when no one is looking?
What do you do when no one sees?
Who’s paying attention?

If no one else is watching, God is.

When people live good, honest lives, their children are blessed.” 1
I’ve seen that over and over again.
Yes, “The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children who follow them.” 2

Get ready Dana and Adam, the blessings continue.

#mysilentscream: Whether anyone ever gave you an award or the recognition you deserve, do what you know you should and you’ll always know that you were worthy. Your award will be your honor and your integrity.

1 – Proverbs 20:7, ERV
2 – Proverbs 20:7, NLT

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