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May 28

While Sitting In A Coffee Shop

Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

CoffeeBeansHere are some coffee beans. I’ll miss them.

“While sitting in a coffee shop” won’t be in my vocabulary for a couple of weeks.

For the next few weeks I’m taking my son Josh’s challenge – and joining a couple family and friends – who are assessing their intact.

Portion-size is by-far my biggest problem, but foregoing caffeine is part of the challenge.

I’m finishing this post in the morning. Unlike some people who like eating first-thing in the morning, I don’t. I usually have a glass of ice water, and nothing more, for the first couple hours of my day. But, today – as if my body knew it was going to get less to do for the next few weeks – my stomach is screaming and groaning LOUD hunger pain noises at me even though I don’t feel hungry.

I can only imagine it’s a chorus that will precede my own whiny self-pity. Okay, back to writing…

Last week I took a couple days away from mysilentscream. While away I wrote a couple micro-posts while sitting in coffee shop.

Coffee Shop Chatter

I like smiling at strangers that I don’t have to talk to. (I smirked as I wrote that, knowing how true it is.)

I like making brief sincere compliments to strangers.

Today a four-generation family sat next to me. As they got up they saw my smile. I said how excited I was that they got to spend time together.

They smiled back and briefly shared their story.

Coffee Shop Charity

I can be an introvert, and still express my admiration.

I’ll express my admiration when I see:
– An attentive dad
– A student studying
– A mom listening patiently
– A child negotiating for candy in the checkout line
– A couple caring for their physically-challenged child
– A PCA who obviously cares about their client on more than a professional level

But, when I saw someone who treated me poorly – despite all my best efforts at being kind and gracious – my judgment-meter jumped.

Note: While I’m hungry and whiny as I’m changing my food and drink intact over the next couple of weeks, at least I have something to look forward to: Tomorrow begins a series I’m very excited about. Join us!

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