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May 15

When Grace Happens In Me

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

pointing_handI meet many people in my work. The vast majority of the people I meet are generally normal people. Children are children. Teens are teens. Adults are adults.

I live in a community in which the high school is populated by about seventy-percent “people of color.” Generally speaking I like people different than me.

Across from me is the other kind of person.
I have really tried to like that person, but woah!


I’ve known her family for about twenty years. I’ve been in their house. I’ve pet their dog, talked to their cat, spent time with her parents, and gotten to know her siblings. I have tried to like her, but woah.

She seemed to like me the first time she met me as a friend of a friend; then the two stopped being friends, and as hard as I tried she wouldn’t even acknowledge me.

Guys, most of us, don’t do this the same way as girls/women seem to, but my efforts resulted in the “silent treatment,” followed by “a look.”

The “look” stung me. I’m guessing it’s powerful enough that “the look” would wound most people.


I started writing this piece in my response to seeing her and seeing that she was pregnant – OMGosh that baby needs our prayers – and then I realized how my flaws were on display too.

No matter what she might or might not have done or might do to me, my response is my responsibility!

What can I do when I realize my sins are exposed?
What can you do when you realize you sins are exposed?

We can justify our judgments

“If you think you can judge others, you are wrong. When you judge them, you are really judging yourself guilty, because you do the same things they do.” Beware, “God judges those who do wrong things, and we know that his judging is right. You judge those who do wrong, but you do wrong yourselves. Do you think you will be able to escape the judgment of God?” 1

I need to see myself for what’s true, rather than what I want to be true.

When I do, then I can experience grace. Grace that will “seep into the crusty cracks of my life that everything softens” – letting it, letting God, “bubble to the surface, like a spring in the Sahara, in words of kindness and deeds of generosity.” God will change me; God will change you too. “You are a trophy of God’s kindness…Not perfect by any means but closer to perfection than you’ve ever been. Steadily stronger, gradually better, certainly closer.” 2

“This happens when grace happens.” 3

“God, I need your help!” is mysilentscream.

1 – Romans 2:1-3, NCV
2 – From Grace by Max Lucado
3 – From Grace by Max Lucado

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