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Dec 3

What Shapes Your Life?

Posted on Monday, December 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

For months my son Josh would invite me to join him at the gym he works out at.  Sometimes I went, sometimes I didn’t.

More often than not I had an excuse not to; I was too tired or busy (or lazy).

When I was young and fit, fitness seemed to take so much less work.

Energy-Shaped Life

When I was “little” I was full of energy.  I’d play all day only stopping when I had to go back home.

I’d annoy my parents by getting up too early.

Not know what to go with myself I’d be up at 5:30am watching “The Farm Report” just to occupy myself. 

Excursus: Looking back, I’m glad that  “The Farm Report” hosts never explained what “pork futures” were, because, now I know, their futures did not look bright.

Even though I had lots of energy I still had an early bedtime.  I assumed it was “to help me grow big and strong”, but it was probably just as much for my parents’ peace and quiet.

Over the years that skinny little hyper kid grew up and grew out.  It’s not all bad, but between my gluttonous appetite and my disinclination to expend more calories than I consume, I’m not in the shape I once was.

Carb-Shaped Life

During my late twenties my diet often contained some wonderfully tasty key ingredients.
I love pasta.
I love ice cream.

Do you know how many calories are in a box of pasta and a jar of sauce? I do.
Do you know how many “servings” they are? I do.

Do you know how many calories are in a half-gallon of ice cream? I do.
Do you know how many “servings” they are? I do.

Unfortunately, I know that I have eaten both the same day, the same “meal.”

Hence, the carb-shaped life.

The Grace-Shaped Life

I don’t know if my fitness efforts have reduced a single stored calorie on my body. I haven’t stepped on a scale for almost a year.

Last week I mentioned to a co-worker what I weighed and she looked surprised. She paid me a compliment. I knew better. I’m just lucky. Lucky, and blessed with a body that burns calories more effectively than many other bodies do.

So, knowing that what do I do with the compliment?
What can we do with your compliments, deserved or not?

Compliments and cautions, successes and failures do not have the last word on our identity. A simple, “thank you” to the complimenter, and a “thank you” to our Creator will be sufficient.

In Max Lucado’s book Grace, he writes, “Your identity is not in possessions, talents or accomplishments. Nor are you defined by divorce, debt or dumb choices…Mercy pardons us. Grace empowers us.”

Mercy has kept me from weighing way more than I do.
Grace has kept me from being more misguided than I am.

More tomorrow.

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