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Jan 8

What I Want by Laisha Rosnau

Posted on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Rache Scott LanceIt’s been said that opposites attract.
Those same opposites tend to attack.

Identical twins don’t always get along. Best friends with “a million-things in common” don’t either.

Good communication skills and a high level of honesty aren’t sure things; but in a relationship recipe mixed with love they sure do help!

Relationships always involve levels of risk and reward.

A couple weeks ago my friends Rachel and Lance celebrated their love with a wedding. At their wedding, the best man Alex read a poem. I’m not often engaged by poetry, but this one was an exception.

As Alex read the poem Rachel and Lance laughed; and the gathered family and friends laughed. Not because it was untrue or unbelievable; but because it’s honest, unguarded, unpretentious truthfulness. We loved her poem and I think you will too.

What I Want by Laisha Rosnau 1

Someone who calls me by my last name, 
wrestles as a form of affection, 
holds my arm behind my back, 
Asks, “Do you give up now?” nicely. 

Someone who tells jokes that are slightly unacceptable, 
never waters things down, 
takes no offense to sarcasm, 
and occasionally makes fun of children. 

Someone who doesn’t doubt that my success will come quickly, 
a swift blow padded with cash; 
who will encourage me to spend frivolously, 

Someone who says, “You stay right there, I’ll do it,”
but never doubts my ability to swing an axe, gut a fish, mow a lawn, lift heavy things. 

Who respects my outward inactivity. 

Someone who believes that insomnia is a suture, 
the night a way to bring the coarse edges and the smooth together, 
knows the unrest this can cause. 

Someone who unapologetically takes to my body like a drug — like something that creates its own hunger, demands supplication, and makes a bed of foolhardy decisions. 

Someone who will never be sorry; for whom this addiction, insomnia, indolence, frivolity, sarcasm, and twisted arms will become a place to rest, hold steady, then yield.

Laisha Rosnau is expressing her needs and wants.
Are you being honest with yourself? With others?

Or, are you assuming your loved ones, “if they really love you,” should “just know”?

How can you more clearly and more lovingly express your needs and wants to those you love?

And, are you listening, really listening when your loved ones need your ears?

1 – From Notes on Leaving by Laisha Rosnau

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