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Oct 15

What Do You Care About?

Posted on Monday, October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today is Blog Action Day.

The theme this year is the Power of WE.

In light of that I thought I would list some of the causes, charities and concerns that we have contributed money to. Not to give ourselves a pat on the back, but to affirm our belief in the value of giving and sharing; the power of WE.

Thus far this year we have given to many individuals and families, we believe in supporting local people — our “neighbors” — as well as:

Church of the Open Door
Opportunity International
Feed My Starving Children
Wycliffe Bible Translators
Timber Bay
Bethel University
World Relief
Pacific Whale Foundation
World Vision
Noise Trade
Christian Aid Mission
Evangelical Theological Society

We don’t have tens of thousands to donate or give millions to an endowment, we give what we can, when we can. We hope that you will too.

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