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Nov 12

What’s That Smell?!?

Posted on Friday, November 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

A couple years ago we had some homeless mice take residence in our home.  After they mocked us mercilessly we sought to trap them.  We assumed we caused one’s demise as the house filled with a nasty odor.  We checked our traps and set about to use our sniffers to find the body but to no avail.

A few stinking days slowly passed and after a while we could smell the dead mouse no more.

Last week we smelled a “dead mouse” again.  A search turned up nothing.  Each visitor was warned vociferously about entering our stinky house.  Graciously they persevered and enjoyed our company despite the odors.

It’s been ten days now since we first smelled the “dead mouse”.

What began as a stinky smell catapulted into strong and putrid.  We assumed after a few days that the decomposing carcass would expend its death-scent and finish decaying scent-free.

We were wrong.

Amy concluded that our laundry room was the source of the odor.  Again, no mouse.  Then we turned our attention to the floor drain.  We made a call.

This morning at 8:30 AM there was a ring on the doorbell.  Dave Yell of Yell Sewer & Drain Cleaning arrived to address our laundry room odor.

Excursus – Several years ago in a golf cart mishap my big toe was broken and then smashed back together.  When my doctor saw the x-ray he said, “OOOOHHHH.”  I interpreted that as “not good.”

Today when Dave Yell and I walked downstairs Dave said, “OOOOHHHH.”  I interpreted that as “not good.”

Dave cleared our floor drain, laundry room sink drains and the pipe from the kitchen sink to the basement; all for a reasonable price.

Amy noticed that the rotten smell was the same nasty smell a couple of hours after Dave left.  So Amy started sniffing.  She started crawling around the laundry room looking for the “dead mouse” again.

While at work I received the following text:

“Basement still stunk. Started to move things. Found what was causing the stench. Someone pulled out a whole chicken out of the freezer and didn’t realize it fell down under some boxes and therefore didn’t put it back into freezer. So we have clean drains for the winter and no more smell.”

I replied, “Sad and hilarious.”

Amy added, “Yeah. It wasn’t a dead mouse but a dead chicken.”


FYI – If you need a drain cleaned [or an odor consultant] you might like:

Yell Sewer & Drain Cleaning

9113 Cambridge Ave

Brooklyn Park, MN 55443-1734

Telephone: 763-424-5469

Contact: Dave Yell

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  1. WOW, that is funny! thats too messed up.

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