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Jan 11

We Need Perspective

Posted on Friday, January 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

We need wisdom.
We need clarity.

We need accountability.
We need to stop pretending.

We need to admit we need others.
We need someone to be honest with us.

We need to pull our head out of…
We need to shut down the machine we use to crank out “I can handle this alone.”

We Need Perspective

Usually when we’re worried or upset
that we start trying to force it, to fake it, to “make it happen,”
then things start falling apart;
it’s because we’ve lost perspective.

This is how I’ve seen misguided focus works:
We want something to be true
We fake that something is true
We pretend that something to be true
We try to convince other that what isn’t true is true

For Example

While praying for a confused friend recently the phrase, “All I need is a grain of truth about something to believe that it’s wholly true” came to mind.

“All I need is a grain of truth…to believe that it’s wholly true”
It’s sad, but it’s so true of him.

He was focused.
He was fixated.
He was blinded
He was trapped.

When we believe in the wrong “grain of truth”, we can become…
– Blind to the damage we are doing
– Deaf to the screams of those we’re wounding

We need to see with someone else’s eyes.
We need to listen with someone else’s ears.
We need to learn to speak with someone else’s words.

If that’s you, please, don’t settle.  Get support.


Before it’s too late.
– Some of you may need the wise counsel of a friend.
– Some of you may need a life-coach to give you direction.
– Some of you may need a church that provides a safe haven.
– Some of you may need a spiritual director to help you connect with God.
– Some of you may need therapist to help you sort out fact from fiction.

Therapists in the Twin Cities that can help you with your perspective include:

Connected Families, 952-448-3625

Family Innovations, 952-224-2282

Link Therapy & Mediation, 763-250-5633

Pathways Psychological Services, 763-525-8590

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