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Mar 13

We Didn’t Take This Picture

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

We have a thousand photos or so of our Hawaii trip; mostly photos taken by Amy and me, but a few others were taken by strangers, like this one.

This photo was taken on a black sand beach on the southwest end of Maui by a man who sat with a woman videotaping the sunset.

I have no idea who took this picture.
They had no idea who we were.

Life’s like that; we move through some days barely connecting with people.

Amy sat for hours Inches away from people who had been complete strangers.

We met a woman who works for Wells Fargo in LA, a pharmaceutical salesman, an ecological biologist, and a woman whose parents just passed away. Strangers whom we began to care about.

Let me tell you about the beautiful woman in the photo with me.

She’s a daughter and a sister, she a wife and a mother, she’ a caring friend, and a compassionate listener. She’s my best friend.

Today is the 13th. Amy and I try to celebrate every 13th of the month.

I am still getting to know her even though we’ve been married for 297 months.

Did you know that when Amy was a teen that she won state singing competitions?

In fact, she won so many times that she can’t remember how many. When pressed for a guess she replied, “About fifteen.”

I asked Amy, “What else are you proud of?”

“I’ve tried and failed many things, but I’ve been willing to face my fears.”

“I’m scared of rejection, but I still share my life with others.”

Amy started a business called Peaceful Dwellings, not to make money — though she does — but to genuinely help people.

Amy works together with her clients to create more peaceful environments where it matters most.

She cares about their heart first — their hopes and dreams — and then helps them accomplish their goals by decluttering and organizing areas of their lives.

While the guy in Hawaii who took the picture probably will never want Amy’s help create Peaceful Dwellings, maybe you would.

You can reach Amy through

Bring on the comments

  1. I hired Amy to paint my 35 year old kitchen cabinets. Something I have talked about for years and I now believe the reason it took me so long to do the project is that I was waiting for Amy. Amy also gave me valuable suggestions regarding color and furniture arrangement making my space a “peaceful dwelling”. I so enjoyed the time Amy spend in my home – she is a dear…. and talented.

  2. Judy,
    Amy enjoyed your company, your confidence in her and her time with you.
    I’m delighted that you got to enjoy her talents, insights and company too.
    Thanks for reading.
    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Awwww, I love the picture. Give Amy a smooshy hug for me and my love please.

  4. Smooshy hug applies with your love delivered. =D

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