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Sep 19

Watch Yourself

Posted on Monday, September 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Watch Yourself

Watch yourself like you’re watching the clock when you’re really hungry for your lunch.
Watch yourself attentively like you’re waiting for an important appointment.
Watch yourself like you’re noticing a new pimple the day before an important first date.

Watch yourself because it matters what you do.

Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become actions.
Watch your actions, they become habits.
Watch your habits, they become your character.
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.  1

Paul of Tarsus wrote, “Keep a close watch on how you live and on your teaching. Stay true to what is right for the sake of your own salvation and the salvation of those who hear you.2

Watch Yourself


1 – Attributed to someone named Frank Outlaw, though I could not find documentation to prove that. I know I didn’t write it, but I’m really glad that someone did!

2 – 1 Timothy 4:16, NLT

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  1. And…as KJ-52 sings..OOOOooh you better check yourself….

    🙂 Thanks for sharing, always a good reminder

  2. I’m in class learning about Paul is Tarsus haha!

  3. in*

  4. Sweet! Complex man in challenging world-changing times.

  5. So true. And, thanks I forgot about that KJ tune!

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