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Apr 25

War At Home by Josh Groban

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bethesda440_1314305642Josh Groban wrote the song War At Home after one of his visits to the Bethesda Military Hospital. Josh, like many celebrities, visits people hospitalized to offer compassion and encouragement. Josh feels grateful for the sacrifices that our military forces make on behalf of our country. He visits people in the hospital to encourage them.

Josh Groban explains the song’s origin in this version of War At Home.

A fallen brother,
He’s a
A fallen husband,
He’s about to be woken in his hospital bed
Doesn’t want to rest
Just wants to run
And he’s tired of being told that he’s the lucky one

A caped crusader,
She’s a
Newborn leader, but
You should see her when her daughter’s on the phone
And she wipes the tears away
And she laces up because there’s still hell to pay
And it sure feels like hell today

And she says,
You see these hands?
They’re bruised and brown
They’re yours alone
Hold on love
We’re still going down
Hold on love
We’re still fighting at home
The war at home

Innocence behind his broken expression
He’s a child of mercy
He’s an unlearned lesson
And he’s trying to wake up
From this wilderness his world has now become
He’s reaching out to those he’s running from

And he says
You see these hands?
They’re bruised and brown
They’re yours alone
Hold on now
We’re still going down
Hold on now
We’re still fighting
And it’s

One step forward, two steps back
This is all who are marching
One step forward, two steps back
This is young at home
One step forward, two steps back
Through the void of the silence
You are not alone

You see these hands?
They’re millions strong
They are yours now
Hold on now
We’re all going down
Hold on now

Hopefully you and I will never have a traumatic brain injury or be confined to a bed because of our traumatic injuries, but our need for others is genuine.


We were designed to live in community. As community members we thrive when we’re surrounded by encouragers: “Encourage the people who are afraid. Help those who are weak. Be patient with everyone. Be sure that no one pays back wrong for wrong, but always try to do what is good for each other and for all people.”  1

We are not alone. God designed us to be part of a compassionate world, unfortunately there are wars and battles, in the deserts and in the streets, on the front lines and on the playgrounds.

Battles are fought with weapons: bullets and words. They both leave wounds. They both hurt. They both can kill.

We can be healers; healers of the soul.

The Bible explains that God “is the fountain of life”, and in God’s “light we see light.” 2

When we choose to care for others with our words, we are being like God.

There is a war in Afghanistan, a war in the streets, and as Josh Groban sang, a “War At Home.” Whether we work in a hospital with patients or not, let’s be patient with everyone so that we can be part of the healing rather than part of the hurt.

“Please God help me overcome my self-centeredness, and care more about others” is mysilentscream.

1 – 1 Thessalonians 5:14b-15, NCV

2 – Psalm 36:9, NIV

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