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Mar 27


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direction-95475_640Last night as I sat in a TreeHouse support group I sat in awe.

There surrounded by junior high teens I found myself grateful for their patient listening, gracious sharing and genuine compassion.

Most of the teens in my small group had been part of TreeHouse only a few weeks, yet directly and indirectly each teen reminded the other that “this is a safe place.”

Safe places are too few and far between. Those safe places, cared for and nurtured by safe people are safe harbors for the strong and the able, the weak and the wounded, and the lost and the wandering.

Sunday my friend and pastor Steve Wiens recommended three prayers for Holy Week this year, including: “God, reveal where I’m wandering, and help me remember my covenant.”


I understand wandering. It might not be lost, nor intentionally seeking a new path, it’s moving along somewhat directionless. There are good options, maybe a right choice, but it’s not in view.

She has missed the path that leads to life – her paths wander aimlessly – and doesn’t even know it.” 1

Wandering along a path that “makes sense,” but maybe it only make sense to him, and him only.

The person with understanding is always looking for wisdom, but the mind of a fool wanders everywhere…fools look for it everywhere but right here.” 2

Each teen who wanted caring support received it.
– Stories were told
– Feelings unfolded
– Tears ran
– Fears exposed
Sometimes accusations were made.

And sometimes those accusations were met with questions.
– Is that the only option?
– Was there something behind that?
– Could there be another perspective?
– Is there some good that you can identify?

Why ask questions like that? Because we all wander. We wander into our fears, our doubts, our frustrations and our lies. We wander toward blaming others and shaming ourselves.

Humble accountability helps us when we wander to get back on the right path.


Accountability, safe accountability, is a precious gift.
– Accountability reminds us who we are when we forget.
– Accountability grounds us when we’re unsteady or tempted.
– Accountability holds us close when we start to wander away.
– Accountability teaches us truths when we’re learning and believing lies.

If we’re going to make living easier, we’re going to have to get some help. From safe people, and from God.

God knows that we need freedom when we get stuck.
God knows that we need direction when we wander.

God knows and God warns us: “Since they loved to wander this way and that, never giving a thought to where they were going, I will now have nothing more to do with them — except to note their guilt and punish their sins.” 3

I hope you’ll join me in respecting our Creator’s warning.

“God, you warn us that our choices may have dire consequences, please don’t let us settle for being stuck and wandering” is mysilentscream.

1 – That was a “mashup” of Proverbs 5:6, CEV & NIV
2 – That was a “mashup” of Proverbs 17:24, NCV & MSG
3 – Jeremiah 14:10, MSG

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