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Mar 16

Wacky Whale Watching Story

Posted on Friday, March 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

What does a whale-watching day look like to you?

Does it look like this?

Our first day in Hawaii was also one of the three days all year that whales are counted from the shores on Hawaii for research reasons.  How cool is that!  Whales were so close that they were expected to be visible from shore.

We tried to sign up for the whale-count, but the slots were filled.

Bummer, but the whales would still be out there.  We just had to go somewhere to try to see them.

Well, let me let Amy tell the rest of the story:

Scott researched where the whale count was taking place.  Even though there were no free spots among the group of official counters, we assumed the whale watchers would be in key whale watching spots.

So hesitatingly we drove to the Ewa Beach, the closest official site.

– We expected a packed parking lot.  It was nearly empty.

– We expected a crowd of passionate whale watchers, but we found of handful of slightly discouraged whale-free watchers.

– We expected to join in on the excitement of seeing whales breaching and carrying on in whale-like ways.

Boy were we surprised!

BUT it got better fast!

After our initial disappointment at not seeing whales we decided to take a short walk along the beach and enjoy the sunshine and scenery. Not long into our walk it became clear that the real reason that we were on that beach was not to not-see-whales.

One after another a group of Hawaiians starting showing up all wearing white.  Scott said, “That looks like a youth group.”  Then added, “I’ll bet it’s a baptism.”

He was right.

We watched as one after another the participants testified to their willingness to live a live a life that honors Jesus Christ and were baptized by the leaders of their church.

As I watched I thought about how amazing it would be to join them.  I wanted to baptized in the ocean by my Hawaiian brothers and sisters.

Scott looked over at me and said, “Would you like to be baptized too?  I bet they would love if we joined them.” Then added, “Do you want me to ask?”

I hesitated slightly, because I didn’t want to invade their ceremony, but at the same time it wouldn’t hurt to ask.  And, I prepared myself for a “Yes!” by tucking in my shirt, and taking off my hat and sunglasses as Scott walked over into the ocean to the pastors to ask.

They said “Yes!”  The pastor motioned for me to come and be baptized.  I took off running into the surf.

Scott took off running to grab the camera.

As I ran into the water with excitement in my heart everyone there clapped and shouted for joy for me — a complete stranger, but a sister in Christ.  They kept calling me a “woman of God.”  [First Photo]

And, I felt so grateful that they would allow me to participate with them and accept me in as a fellow believer in Christ and “woman of God” with them.

Afterwards I was passed through the line of friendly, hugging, affirming well-wishers who couldn’t wait to greet me and congratulate me.

Scott was next in line. [Second Photo]

They took pictures of us.
They included us in their final prayer and praise time.

They were gracious inviting us to join them in church the next day; over and over again they were so amazingly welcoming and friendly.

We didn’t get to see whales that day, but we did see God’s beauty and loveliness in his Hawaiian children of Christ Embassy Hawaii.

So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.”  [Galatians 3:26-27, NIV]

We got lost Sunday morning on our way to our breakfast meeting and couldn’t make it back to the church in time, but not to worry.  We know we will see and sing and laugh together with our Hawaiian sisters and brothers someday.

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