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Apr 23


Posted on Monday, April 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Bathroom Fans

We recently replaced a bathroom fan.  

Our new fan is larger and quieter than our old fan, but it required considerably more work to install.  There were several unknowns.

Without climbing into the attic I wasn’t certain which way the fan would set in the hole.

I wasn’t certain whether the wiring was compatible – it said “bare wire”, but had a green wire.  I assumed it was a ground, but I wasn’t certain.

Last time we replaced that fan I stepped on already compressed insulation on the ceiling and cracked the ceiling.  So, I wasn’t convinced that I wanted to risk more damage by going into the attic above the bathroom.

While installing the fan the forty year old sheetrock on the ceiling fragmented causing the hole to be larger than we wanted.

We did not measure with the possibility of crumbling ceiling edges in mind.

We didn’t know all that we wish we had known.


We’re considering replacing pots & pans (after 24 years of use). I’m reading reviews. So many products and no one cookware set is completely satisfying to the users.  

I love professional reviewer’s opinions, but I also love reading the comments of daily user.

My favorite critique thus far, “If you look at them the wrong way, they will scratch.”

Non-stick?  Stainless?  Eco-friendly non-stick?

Of course the cynic in me assumes that the “eco-friendly non-stick” coating doesn’t cause cancer because no one has used it long enough to find the unique variable that causes it to catalyze cancer cells.

We didn’t know all that we wish we had known.

Life has so many variables it’s hard to know where to start.

More tomorrow.

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