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Apr 18

Unintended Consequences

Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

despairUnintended Consequences

The German weekly Der Spiegel has a report about the unintended consequences of child labor laws in one Pakistani city known for producing soccer balls.

Apparently children were frequently employed in the factories, until child labor “advocates” in the West forced companies like Nike and Adidas to ensure that their suppliers weren’t employing children. But what happened to the kids? Surely after they were freed from their toiling in the factories they went to school and now have well-paying office jobs, right?

Parents now send their children to the brickworks and into metalworking companies where no one is worried about corporate image. The families need the money to survive…Ten or 12-year-olds were well off here,” says one manager who asked not to be named. “They learned a trade here that secured them an income for life.” 1

While I’m against the exploitation of workers, and especially children, Der Spiegel reported a perspective that I hadn’t considered.

Sometimes we are unaware how a small decision can lead to big problems.

I have no idea what led to the explosion in Texas this week, but I know that we all need God’s wisdom to make wise decisions.

With that in mind, I have learned to pray for wisdom.

My child, listen to what I say and remember what I command you.
Listen carefully to wisdom; set your mind on understanding.
Cry out for wisdom, and beg for understanding.” 2

“God, please give us wisdom so that our decisions would be blessing” is mysilentscream.

1 – The unintended consequences of child labor laws

2 – Proverbs 2:1-3, NCV

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