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Sep 24

Tyler Wood’s Funeral pt 4 of 4

Posted on Thursday, September 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

Parting Words

I know Tyler left a great impression on us. Tyler was outgoing and popular and after looking around the room she loved many different kinds of people. Some of you are seeing old friends. Others of you are seeing people you don’t know, don’t like or may have been hurt deeply by. Some of us have deep and hurtful regrets of “what-if…”, “If only I had…” or “I so sorry I…”

Please leave them here. You cannot change what you have done!

What you can do is influence the present, and plan for the future. Please hear me clearly; you cannot change the past. Leave your regrets here. Change your present and plan for the future.

Have you planned for the future? What would happen if you found out tomorrow that you had incurable brain cancer? What if tragedy struck? Tyler never knew the was coming.

Like you and I, it seems that the sudden tragedy always happens to someone else, but it doesn’t; it’s affecting our lives today.

Young or old, death could be a moment away. Some people deal with that scary thought by deciding that they don’t want to think about it. Tyler knows that that’s a lie.

Some of you never walk into a church if it weren’t for a day like today. Some of you might even have shuttered when you came in today. Maybe you have bad experiences in church. I imagine that some of you doubt God exists.

Tyler was pretty private about her faith in God. She didn’t talk to many people about God. She told us that she believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died on the cross and rose again. She said that sometimes her life was committed to Jesus Christ, but that she didn’t talk about her faith to many people.

If that surprises you, you’re not alone. She talked about a lot of things, but not her faith.

The Bible says that “salvation is found in no one else” other than Jesus Christ. We receive that salvation by trusting in Jesus who died in our place for the forgiveness of our sins. When we trust Jesus, the Son of God, we get a guarantee. Our future is secure, we can count on absolutely nothing here on earth accept that we will die, but God has guaranteed that by faith we can join him in heaven when we die.

Some of you might think that you’re not good enough, not religious enough or whatever, but only the sinless Son of God was good enough to save us sinners, and no amount of our ugly deep secrets can keep us away. We will never be good enough to earn God’s forgiveness, and we’ll never be so bad he doesn’t want us.

You will die. Someday there will be a group of people like us gathering in your memory. Please plan for the future. God is calling you to ask him for forgiveness.

When I talk to God I’m very simple. If you want to talk to God you can do so too. I like to pray “I’m sorry”, “Thank you”, Please.” I’m sorry for what I have done. Thank you for being willing to forgive me. Please help me to live differently.

“I’m sorry”, “Thank you”, Please.”

For those of you who would like to do that we will take a moment of silence. [PAUSE]

Heaven is a place where the Bible explains “God will wipe every tear from our eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old way of life has passed away.”

My deepest hope for you is that someday we will all be gathered together again with no tears in our eyes rejoicing that we can be with Tyler again. She will be there whole, smiling, and pain-free. As she see us coming I can imagine her smile. Tyler will run up to us with one of her great big hugs! Then we’ll know, it is her, for sure.

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