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Sep 24

Tyler Wood’s Funeral pt 3 of 4

Posted on Thursday, September 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

What Good, If Any, Can Come Out Of This Tragedy?

Tyler’s gone. Let yourself grieve. Grieve the way you want to. There are no rules.

Even Jesus – the Creator of the heavens and the Earth – cried when his friend died.

What good, if any, can come out of this tragedy?

We will each react differently. Some of you hurt deeply, some not, some recover quickly, some not. Some cry, others scream, still others stuff their feelings. To each of us I offer this simple advice I try to live: Say all your “I’m sorry”s, all your “thank you”s and all your “I love you”s every day.

Each week at TreeHouse we remind one another that we are each lovable, capable & worthwhile. Everyone one of us has value, even if we do not think that we do. You and I will never truly appreciate ourselves until we’re gone. Sadly, it’s only in death that we can truly see the impact that we’ve had on other people’s lives. We can be taken away at anytime. And all that will be left is a memory.

Today we’re not thinking about the things that Tyler did that bugged us we’re thinking about the things we’ll miss. If you and I spent all of our times enjoying the good rather than focusing on the things that bug us the world would be a much better place.

This week I told my two best friends that I loved them. One said “I love you”, one said “uh, huh.”

This week I drove out of state to see my parents just so I could tell them, in person, “I love you.” One said “I love you”, one said “me too.”

We all express things, happy and sad, differently.

I have shared these things with you, not to make myself look good, but because I want to honor Tyler’s life.

We find ourselves left with the questions of “what do I do now” or “what will I do without her.” Honor her with your life.

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