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Jan 6

A Trap, A Treasure & A Tip

Posted on Friday, January 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

As I’ve said, I don’t believe on New Years resolutions I believe in New Years gifts. Gifts that we give ourselves. 

Resolutions that I had made in the part were well-intentioned, but often I gave up or got distracted. 

I believe in action.  I don’t want to just plan to do things, I believe in doing. I’m ambitious and encouraged others to have ambition.  


I am a notorious multi-tasker. As some women in my life have said, I can multitask as effectively as a woman.  I’m certain that’s not true, but I am a notorious multi-tasker.

I seldom seem to do one thing at a time.

I set alarms on my phone to remind myself of my next appointments.

I set times for three and even two minutes while cooking because I’m off doing something other than cooking for that 120-180 seconds.

I’m active and ambitious, but sometimes it’s a trap that prevents me from enjoying one single thing at a time.


Right now my family and I are watching the TV show “24”.  While I’m “relaxing” on a couch, watching TV, eating, drinking and writing this post.

We are all focused on the show, but more than a few times I am divided between spending time with them and spending time with my laptop.  My treasured time with my family gets trapped by another task initiative by my ever-busy, driven mind.


Here’s an idea that I am intentionally embracing this year. 

Give yourself freedom to do something you enjoy without feeling you should be doing something else.
It’s healthy to relax.
It’s healthy to work hard.
It’s healthy to take time for both.
Give yourself a gift. Do both for yourself!

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