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Apr 27

Today I’m Debuting Some Music!

Posted on Friday, April 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Monday I’ll write with words again.
Today I’m creating music!


I’m well known for my very eclectic music collection.
I’m also well known for not being able to keep a beat.

Trivia – I know exactly when I first knew I heard the “beat” in a song. It was August 7, 1998. You can read about it here.

October 2011

Last fall I debuted a “song” for our TreeHouse teens.

I blended a techno-house beat with the text of Philippians 2:4 using an audio version of the Bible.

While on a ride to pick up some pizza this was part of my conversation with my friend Adam:
Adam – Did you REALLY make that song?
Scott – Well, I edited it, yeah.
Adam – I love it. I was gonna ask what it was called so I could look it up on iTunes.

Adam DeBlois was my first music fan.

A fan was born; and an ego stroked.

Last week I debuted a second song.  This time I blended a dubstep beat with some of the text of Ephesians 2:4-10 using the Bible Experience audio version of the Bible. 

If you’re interested, here it is.  Scooter131313 – DubEph2

Tonight I’m excited to “drop” a new track at our TreeHouse Local Artists’ Nite.  =D

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