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Feb 14

This Valentines Day Could Be Your Best Yet

Posted on Thursday, February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

1385767_love_4No one needs a “holiday” to show love, but it’s a day like Valentines Day that can catalyze kindness.

1. Say “Thank you.”

Most people don’t take the time to express appreciation for their loved ones. This Valentines Day – before dinner, at the lunch table, in the break room, on the phone, through a text – take a moment to say something specific that you appreciate about that person.

2. Give a handwritten a note.

Text. Twitter. IM. Voxer. Cell phones. Apps. Every communication seems to be instant and electronic. This Valentines Day try something new – actually old – write a handwritten note!

I’m not talking about a Hello Kitty, Batman, Dora or Angry Birds Valentines Day card with a short note, I mean a genuine, heart-felt, meaningful, handwritten note.

Maybe you don’t know what to write? How about writing and completing these sentences:

When I think of you as my best friend, I think about…

I want to take time today to tell you how much I respect you when you…

I need good advise. The best advice you ever gave me was…

When I think about our how happy our relationship is I think that you really add…

Some stuff seems to complicate my life. Thank you for helping me to …

I needed help when I was feeling really bad. You listened and encouraged me when I was feeling really…

When I was feeling alone you…

When no one seemed to notice me or hear me, you…

You helped me to have one of the happiest days of my year when…

I remember being very crabby and instead of yelling back I’m glad that you…

3. Create a homemade gift.

Create a handmade card
Make a digital photo album
Mix a playlist or burn a mixed CD
Make a great looking photo collage
Bake cookies

4. Look for ways to perform random acts of kindness.

Again, Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful time to treat people special. I love to do nice things for random strangers. here are two of my favorites:
– Buying coffee for the next person in line.
– Buying the person’s lunch in the drive-thru line after you.

This Valentines Day could be your best ever.
This Valentines Day your choices could help someone else have their best Valentines Day ever.
And, none of it requires anyone to be dating.

“Love is a treasure, let’s give it.”, that’s mysilentscream!

Note: I adapted this list from a PsychCentral post – 5 Ways to Show Your Loved Ones Some Love This Valentine’s Day – by Margarita Tartakovsky.

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