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Feb 28

The Dance Of The Wrecks

Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

broken_carDealing with our own junk is hard work.

Chuck Swindoll wrote a book entitled Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back. That’s not a lot of forward progress!

But, it’s often the path my spiritual growth takes, on the good days.

The Dance Of The Wrecks

“For a thousand years, Christians did a dance called the tripudium to many of their hymns. As worshipers sang, they would lock arms and take three steps forward, one step back, three steps forward, one step back.”

“In doing this,” explains Richard Foster, “they were actually proclaiming a theology with their feet. They were declaring Christ’s victory in an evil world, a victory that moves us forward, but not without setbacks.” 1

Did you read that? “Not without setbacks.” I love that.

I might feel like a wreck sometimes, but I’m not alone; I’m not a failure; I’m not without hope. And neither are YOU!

You can watch some dancers dance the tripudium here.

1 – From Richard J. Foster’s book Prayer: Finding The Heart’s True Home

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