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Nov 21

The Best of the Rest – Web Apps You Want To Know About, pt 3 of 3

Posted on Saturday, November 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Web 2.0 is cutting edge. Google’s new Chrome OS will use web apps exclusively. This post concludes the list of my favorite FREE web apps.


I’ve used reQall to leave myself voice mails.  reQall converts my voice mails into text.  reQall Standard is the free service. “It lets you organize tasks, ideas and important notes in one place and have reminders delivered at the right time.”

Shape Collage Online

I’ve used Shape Collage on my Mac for a while.  It’s a cute and clever web app that takes my photos and creates a, yes, collage out of them.

Here’s one I made of some pix of my son Josh.

Josh's Shape Collage

Think Free

Think Free is my favorite online Office software web app.  Save as documents, spreadsheets, presentations or html anytime from anywhere online, for FREE!


Tired of copying and pasting long links for your friends and family?  Tinyurl is a great web app, which creates a short, simple, “permanent” URLs.  Just copy and paste your long urls, press a button and there you have it, a Tinyurl!

Compare the following two urls which both point to my most recent blog:

Need another example of how nice this web app works?  How about a Google image search of Chicago Cubs’ icon Ernie Banks.  Compare the following two urls:

Which would you rather copy and paste to your client, buddy or grandmother who yearns to revisit the memories of the ’69 Cubs?

Google Translate

I love this site!  Some online translators are sketchy.  This one is quick and easy.  Never a substitute for Jim Nagle’s World Languages, nonetheless, Google translate offers a quick translation.  Want to include a happy birthday greeting in a message?

English to French – bon anniversaire!

English to Italian – buon compleanno

English to Welsh – pen-blwydd hapus

It’s a capable and quick translating web app.


Vixy convert a Flash Video / FLV file into a format you prefer — avi, mov, 3GP, mp4, mp3.

You Send It

Want to send your friend a large file?  When I want to send someone a file larger than his or her email account will allow. You Send It has been a free, convenient and reliable option.  I upload it and You Send It sends my recipient an email with a convenient link to the file I would like them to receive.  Al they have to do is sign up — a simple task — and download the file to their computer.


Vixy converts video files into the format you prefer; files up to 100MB.

Web 2.0 is cutting edge. Productivity mavens and mavericks surround the cloud. These apps will increase your productivity, explore your creativity and help you have a bit of fun too.

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  1. See how whenever I see a tinyurl from someone, i wont click on it because so many are linked to spam.

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