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Mar 17


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with Taz and Josh 96This is a 1996 picture of our son Josh, our daughter Shannon and our dog Taz

Taz was a miniature schnauzer; a little dog with a big-dog personality. Taz was fun and funny.

Taz loved people. Taz would find his ball and set it into your lap. He was inviting you to play with him.

Taz loved to play fetch.
Taz learned to flip his head and open his mouth at the same time.
In doing so, he could throw his ball back to you!

Taz loved to wrestle.
Taz would pounce and growl, sound all tough and challenge you to take his toy.
He would relentlessly play “tug of war” with his tennis ball filled sock.

Taz loved his toys.
Taz would race around the house daring you to capture his toy.
He loved to play with everyone, especially the kids.

Taz loved his home. He would bark and greet us when we returned.
He would bark to warn strangers not to come unwelcome.
He loved to chase the squirrels and birds out of the yard.
“Squirrel!” would get him racing to the window.

Taz LOVED to eat.
Anything at any time.
His favorite foods included grapes (which we later learned not to give him).
He loved them!

Taz had no respect for whose food it was intended to be.
If food was in his range, he considered it his.
You needed to guard your food if you weren’t eating at the table.
Friends and guests were warned, or learned the hard way.

As Taz aged he slowed down and mellowed out; and in his last several months life got hard for Taz and for our family.

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of his passing. Shannon said, “I still miss Taz.” She spoke for all of us.

Do you have a favorite pet? A favorite pet story?

Soon I will introduce you to Mya!


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  1. I was pregnant and saw a little wiener dog name Sophie online at a rescue, she was dropped off at a shelter and the only reason anyone could come up with for her being abandoned was that she was pregnant. She had her puppies and she and her little family went to a foster home. I was so upset because I thought all her puppies would be adopted before her and then she would be lonely. It wasn’t fair. So we adopted her and had her transported up from TN. She actually was adopted before her puppies. When she came to live with us I made her a great fluffy bed with lots of blankets in the bedroom. Put her to bed, covered her up and got into bed myself. All of the sudden I hear a thump, and there was the burrowing of a little doggy under the covers and that was that. She is apparently a dog that likes to sleep in the big bed. Aaron and I laughed for a long time.

  2. Bossy but cuddly wiener-dog; wah-hah-hah!
    Thanks for that part of the story and for giving Sophie a second chance.

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