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Mar 9

All-Stars For All Time by William McNeil

Posted on Saturday, March 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

CoverAll-Stars For All Time is subtitled “a sabermetric ranking of the major league best, 1876–2007.” I found the book to be balanced, position-specific, adjusted, and, as a former catcher, I loved the depth of the analysis.

“Baseball’s All-Time All-Star team was determined by a comparison of each player’s offensive and defensive contributions as measured by his most important statistics.”

“Each position had to be evaluated separately since each position had unique responsibilities that required its own measurements. For instance, catchers had to be evaluated for their ability to throw out potential base stealers, while pitchers were evaluated for their success in the art of pitching. Other position players were measured primarily for their success at producing runs on offense and for preventing runs on defense.”