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Oct 9

Right Up Your Alley

Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

When I was a teen I had a conversation with my dad about my future career choices.

Since I was a little boy I was known as “Scotty the Scientist”, so clearly a career in the sciences made sense for me. So it was a surprise to my dad when I mentioned that I thought about becoming a police officer.

That dream was more based on my fantasies about being a hero than understanding the what the job would entail.

Right Up Your Alley – What You Do Reveals Who You Are Becoming 

Aug 4

The Book of Man by Wiliam J. Bennett

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The Book of Man by William J. Bennett

Let’s Bring Back Heroes

“Men are called to be heroes in ways both big and small in every area of their lives, all the areas we cover in this book—war, work, and play; civic life, family life, and prayer life. What follows is a piece I wrote more than forty years ago and one whose message serves as a foundation for the pieces to follow. Whether we take up the sword, the plow, the ball, the gavel, our children, or our Bibles, we must always do it like the men we are called to be.”

May 21

Never Before…

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Last year I introduced you to my hero, June Oulund.  Today I’d like to introduce you to two more of my heroes.

We spent the weekend with my college roommate Gerry Andersen and his wife Julie.  Though we haven’t seen each other for almost twenty years, it’s like our relationship was on pause and we took up the conversation instantly.

Where Have They Been?

Gerry and Julie live in a small village in the mountains of Mexico with people who have never had their language in written form.

Feb 23

Heroes Arise From The Shadow of Horror

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It’s been said, “Heroes are made not born.”  I agree, but sometimes they are borne out of great adversity.  When great tragedy occurs some people exceed the achievements of the common person, and heroes arise from the shadow of horror.

While Adolf Hitler’s policies promoted the genocide of Jews, German businessman Oskar Schindler is credited with saving more than a thousand Jews during the Holocaust by convincing the Nazis that they were essential workers supporting the war effort.

Generations before another leader feared the power of Jews living in his community.

Jun 18

Regardless who wins the World Cup, June Oulund is a winner, and you will want to know her!

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A search of google took 0.35 seconds to come up with 34 results, some of which have nothing to do with June.

How could my hero be so anonymous?

Sometimes heroes are like that. Living their lives without the publicity.

Heroes Are Usually Uncommonly Common People

Growing up I wanted to be a hero, to be special, to feel special, to do something special. I read comic books and admired public figures.

It’s funny, and sad, that it took me years until I realized that when I was seven years old, while sitting in a rickety wooden chair in a children’s program called Whirlybirds, that I sat in the presence of a genuine American treasure!