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Apr 12

Strengthening The Soul

Posted on Friday, April 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

1A couple of years ago a friend – Steve Wiens – encouraged me to read Strengthening The Soul Of Your Leadership by Ruth Haley Barton. I was not disappointed.

Mar 25

Living Simply Through The Day

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

prayinggirl-15599_640Yesterday my friend and pastor Steve Wiens recommended three prayers for Holy Week this year:

1. God, reveal where I’m enslaved and set me free.

2. God, reveal where I’m wandering, and help me remember my covenant.

3. God, reveal where I’m hidden and help me to see.

While thinking about the value of praying these prayers these quotes from Tilden H. Edwards came to mind:

Some of us are more naturally night people or morning people. Our situations further influence what time is best to set aside.

Jan 11

We Need Perspective

Posted on Friday, January 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

We need wisdom.
We need clarity.

We need accountability.
We need to stop pretending.

We need to admit we need others.
We need someone to be honest with us.

We need to pull our head out of…
We need to shut down the machine we use to crank out “I can handle this alone.”

We Need Perspective

Usually when we’re worried or upset
that we start trying to force it, to fake it, to “make it happen,”
then things start falling apart;
it’s because we’ve lost perspective.

Oct 15

What Do You Care About?

Posted on Monday, October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today is Blog Action Day.

The theme this year is the Power of WE.

In light of that I thought I would list some of the causes, charities and concerns that we have contributed money to. Not to give ourselves a pat on the back, but to affirm our belief in the value of giving and sharing; the power of WE.

Thus far this year we have given to many individuals and families, we believe in supporting local people — our “neighbors” — as well as:

Jun 23

Don’t Settle, Get Support

Posted on Saturday, June 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Whoever does not have a good father should procure one.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

I love that quote.
– Do you wish that you had a trustworthy father figure? Find one.
– Do you wish that you had an affirming father figure? Find one.
– Do you wish that you had a playful father figure? Find one.
– Do you wish that you had a wise father figure? Find one.

If I was looking for a father figure I would look in a good church. Honest.  Regardless what you’ve heard, there are many good people in good churches who are making a positive difference in the world.