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Jun 21

Against The Odds Reprise

Posted on Friday, June 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

30255_bad_emotions_9And the meek shall inherit the earth…”

I heard that phrase for the first time when I was in teen. Though a quote from Jesus Christ, I heard it in a song called 2112 by the Canadian trio called Rush.

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

This is, wrote Dallas Willard, “This is the gospel for a silly world, all the more needed because the silly is made a matter of life and death for many. Sin, for that matter, is silly. If the kingdom did not reach us in our silliness who would be saved? Lostness does not have to wear a stuffed shirt to find redemption…Blessed are the physically repulsive…those who smell bad, the twisted, misshapen, deformed, The too big, too little, (and the) too loud”.

Jun 20

Blind, Broke and Blessed

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“I would give it all up to have that family back.” Those words came from a multimillionaire I met.

Meeting with him seemed intimidating at first. He was a business owner, an entrepreneur, a happily-married man and by all accounts a success, but in his mind, he had failed. He failed his first wife and their children.

His confidence became arrogance.
His determination became obsession.
His single-mindedness became blindness.

He gained a pile of money, but lost his family.
It’s a sad story, sadder-still, it’s a familiar one.

This “intimidating” man was actually a broken man.

Apr 12

Winning Runs – Get To Know Your Team

Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

As Major League Baseball’s Spring Training ended each team made decisions about problem players.  They asked and answered:
“Do his assets exceed the sum total of his deficits?” 
“Do his strengths outweigh his weaknesses?” 

Your workplace has the same challenges.  Building a team of competent employees is a challenge.

You can’t change someone’s personality, but you can implement strategies to help them perform professionally and more competently while on the job.

Most Common Types Of Problem People And Strategies To Help Them Succeed: 1

The non-communicative person.
Ask open questions that force her to explain what she thinks.

Feb 6

Clutch 4 Life

Posted on Monday, February 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

Here’s a short summary:
Eli Manning was poised.  
Tom Brady looked panicked.
Aaron Hernandez dropped two passes.  
Mario Manningham caught the one that mattered most.

As you can imagine Manning and Manningham play for the Super Bowl winning New York Giants.

Winners Win

NFL players are generally assumed to be the best players in their sport in the world.  While some would argue that the Giants and the New England Patriots were not great teams, they were successful and won when it mattered most.