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May 9

Socially Awkward

Posted on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

This week I started working with a team of directors that I was new to. Years ago after my first year at TreeHouse I met with my boss to discuss my year in review. That year the first thing we addressed was my lack of social skills.

Growing up my best friends were our family’s German Shepherd dogs. I hadn’t developed the people skills necessary to be manage the many dynamic social relationships I needed available to me at TreeHouse.

In my first review we discussed my lack of social skills.
And my second.
And my third.
And my fourth.
And my fifth.

Yesterday I posted Norman Vincent Peale’s 10 Rules For Getting Along With People. I needed to apply those rules then, and I still do today.

Remember their names. We all have a name. We may have been given a nickname. We may choose a nickname for ourselves. Whichever name is “our name” we all like to be memorable. Want to get along with people? Remember their names.

Be comfortable to be with — don’t cause strain — in others. I was too young when my dad’s dad passed, but my mom’s dad had a sweet send of humor. My dad is smart, quick-witted and can be sarcastic. The men in my family are funny.  And, now my son Josh may be the funniest one of us all.

When I was in high school I loved to laugh. I loved to make the nine people surrounding me in a classroom laugh.

Unfortunately my father’s quick wit manifested in me needed to be corralled.

More than once my ever patient boss Wayne Thyren had to corral me.

Scott, he’d say later, you had their attention:
– Don’t make a joke at the wrong time.
– They were focused don’t distract them.
– It’s not the time to entertain yourself.

My thanks to Wayne, my wife Amy, my parents, my kids, my friends, co-workers TreeHouse teens and other gracious (and less gracious) people who have confronted me. You’ve helped helped train me to be comfortable to be with others even in awkward social situations.

In doing so, you’ve been part of transforming my life.

Thank you.

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