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Jul 3

Sir, do you remember me?

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Remember me?

Like many men of the time, Elkanah had two wives. Peninnah had children, but Hannah did not. Hannah wanted to have children. 

One day Hannah and her husband were traveling to while the other wife stayed at home with the kids. On their journey to Shiloh her husband asked, “Hannah, why are you so sad?”

Heartbroken, Hannah replied, “Give me children.”

Elkanah loved Hannah.  Her words hurt.  Frustrated he said, “Am I God that I could give you children?” And he added, “Aren’t I better to you than many sons? Aren’t you satisfied with me?”

When Hannah arrived at the tabernacle the pain was so great that she was speechless. Hannah wanted to pray out loud, but couldn’t.  She felt the grief so deeply that she just lay before God in the court of the tabernacle. Her lips were moving, but she made no sound with her voice.

Hannah was heartbroken.

Eli the priest passed by and saw Hannah laying on the ground. He thought she was mumbling drunk.  Hannah said, “No, I am not drunk, I’m depressed. I’ve been begging God to give me a son. If God will give me a son, I have promised to give him back to God all the days of his life.”

God answered Hannah’s prayer.  Her son Samuel was born.

Years later when the family returned to Shiloh Hannah saw Eli, and said, “Sir, do you remember me? I am the woman who stood here several years ago praying to the Lord.” 1

She prayed hopeless prayers.

“Sir, do you remember me?”

Diana was single and childless for a long time.  Those were two dreams that she had to set aside.  Like Hannah, some might have looked at her life and seen hopelessness.

“Sir, do you remember me?”

Years later Diana is a changed woman.

Thirty nine year old Diana Sonza lives in Antique, in the Philippines.  Diana is married.  She and her husband Juanito Sonza feel blessed with a happy marriage, and blessed with their five kids.

Diana wanted her kids to have the best possible future.  She wanted them to get an education.  She wanted them to attend school.

Schooling is expensive. Diana knew that she and Juanito needed to save money as soon as possible in order for them to send all five to school.

So Diana began a food vending business. Using their residential area as an edge for potential costumers, Diana would post a table for her goods near the school. It was a small business that she knew would eventually grow if she persevered.

“Every trial has a solution,” Diana explains.

As she dreamed of expanding her business Diana heard about micro-financing. Diana got interested and was able to borrow a sufficient amount to expand her business.

“Sir, do you remember me?”

Diana and Juanito now send their kids to school, and are proud to say they are doing well.

Just recently, Diana’s farm was flooded due to Typhoon Juan. This led to poor production since almost 70% of her crops withered. She used the loan she received to purchased seedlings, fertilizer and tools.

Despite her setbacks, Diana was an actively pays on her loan. Yesterday I received an update on Diana, it read:

July 02, 2012 – Client Update
This loan was repaid in full.

“Sir, do you remember me?”

One reason God may delay an answer to your prayer is that God desires to give you more than what you were asking for at the moment.

Hannah is a good example of this.  She wanted a son.  She got Samuel, a hero.

Diana is a good example of this.  She had been single and childless.  Now she’s married with five children.

I am a good example of this.  I wanted to impact individuals and the micro-financing program Opportunity International helped me help God make Diana’s dreams are coming true. 3

Keep praying.  God is listening.

1 – 1 Samuel 1, NLT

2 – Effective Prayer Life by Chuck Smith, pgs 40-42

3 – Our small loan to Diana made a bog difference through Opportunity International

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