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Mar 20

Shrimp Trucks

Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

On the new Hawaii Five-O we were introduced to Kamekona, the proprietor of Waiola Shave Ice and Kamekona’s shrimp truck.  Until we went to Hawaii I thought “shrimp trucks” would be synonymous with a “foodborne illnesses.” 1

Fortunately, we fought those fears back down.

The food from the shrimp trucks were my favorite meals I had on our vacation and among the most reasonably priced meals we ate.

Our two favorite shrimp truck meals were on Oahu.

We ate at Giovanni’s shrimp truck on Oahu’s North Shore.  On the main street in the surf-town of Halei’wa we found a couple of shrimp trucks parked in the shade.  We had read enough reviews of restaurants including shrimp truck reviews to know that Giovanni’s would be safe and delicious, and they were. 

Additionally, they invite their customers to sign their truck.  Since our Hawaiian trip was our 25th wedding anniversary trip I looked for a prominent place to add our mark.  Having cleared it with the owners I climbed into the hood of the truck and there centered right above the windshield is our mark commemorating our anniversary.

Less sentimental but more palatable was our stop at Fumi’s Shrimp Farm shrimp truck.  There we had the best tasting shrimp I have ever had ever, ever, ever, had.

The shrimp were properly prepared and seasoned, but undoubtedly they tasted so wonderful in part because they were raised within a hundred yards of the skillet.

To make it more special for Amy and I both truck had cooks willing to prepare Amy’s shrimp with vegetable oil instead of butter to accommodate her lactose intolerance.

1 – NDDIC and Discovery Communications’ How Stuff Works explain that harmful bacteria are the most common cause of foodborne illnesses.

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