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Feb 19

Sex, Lies & the Truth – Pt 3 of 3 – The Truth

Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Guest post by Amy Volltrauer

The Legend of the Hippo Pillow

A little set up.

I am a traditionalist and had been looking forward to when I had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and what special gift he would give. So needless to say, I had expectations.

Scott on the other hand is a non-traditionalist and hates having to live up to the expectations put on him by marketing, etc. And we didn’t know each other well enough yet to know these things about each other.

Hence the story.

It was mine and Scott’s first Valentine’s Day together, and I had much anticipation for our Valentine’s date. We met at school and took the L train back to his family’s house in Schiller Park; suburban Chicago.

As the date went on and the longer we were together, I was getting more and more hurt when a special gift wasn’t being given. I was starting to think that *maybe* he didn’t feel as strongly toward me as I thought or would have liked, so I asked him about it when we got into the car to head out to our next destination.

Well, that led to an argument because of our differing views and unspoken expectations, of course.

He stormed out of the car and ran back into his parent’s house.

A few minutes later, he stormed back into the car and threw a little 4×6 decorative pillow with two hippos touching noses and a light bulb by their noses that read “You light up my life”.

Ssooooo not the gift I was hoping for, nor the manner in which I had hoped to receive it.

I know he has been saying that he doesn’t know how to give gifts, but I want you to know he has improved significantly since that historic day.

He is my sweet Valentine and always will be.

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