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Feb 17

Sex, Lies & the Truth – Pt 2 of 3 – Lies

Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Want A Perfect Relationship?

Look what what you can look forward to:

In “Perfect Lover” Britney Spears described her guy as the “the perfect lover. I’m in love with all the things you do.”

Lady Antebellum’s “The Perfect Day” describes a romantic relationship so special that it alters reality. “Ain’t worried about tomorrow.  When you’re busy livin’ in a perfect day.”

Chris Brown sang about the “Picture Perfect” woman he saw on magazine covers.  We are all lovable, capable and worthwhile.  We are all beautiful in our own way.  Check out this video from SuperVixens;  with the wonders of technology we can all be cover models too.

Sadly, if we took those songs to heart, if we believed that their words were their reality and contrasted them with our own experience we would either feel hopeless or work really, really hard to create perfection.

How To Create A Perfect Relationship

In the film The Perfect Man, Hilary Duff’s character Holly, the daughter, is on a mission.  Sick and tired of the upheaval created by her mother’s failed relationships Holly develops a “solution”.

In order to find her single mom a “perfect” man she creates a secret admirer.  Through cards, flowers, and love notes Holly creates a “perfect man” myth.  He’s everything her mom seems to have dreamed of.  True love…

Does true love seem like an elusive dream?  A fantasy?  Or, are you in a committed relationship that you wish was better?

Perfection is impossible, but mutually satisfying loving relationship are possible.  It takes work, but even if the results are not what you hope for you will become a better person.

The Road To A Perfect Relationship

Do you ever drive on “auto-pilot” unaware of what’s going on around you?  Not long ago I didn’t see an ambulance approaching until it was right behind me.

If you want to have a “perfect relationship” it’s important to notice these three flashing lights:

Lack of Forgiveness – When unhappy couples argue, they make up on the surface, but angry feelings linger deep within.

Lack of Laughter – Happy couples laugh together. They laugh at simple mistakes.  When plans change they flex.  When hit with an ironic twist their lives don’t unravel, the laugh about it.  Happy couples defuse drama and cope with complications.

Lack of Hope – In healthy relationships lovers give one another the “benefit of the doubt.” Patiently they trust and believe in one another.

When the wounds of anger, dissatisfaction, and frustration fester unchecked they lead to resentment. Couples who allow resentment to remain typically continue their negative interactions or hopelessly disengage completely from one another, and the relationship shuts down.

If you want something closer to a perfect relationship, notice the flashing lights and talk through the roadblocks.

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