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Dec 9

Self-Pity Abounds!

Posted on Wednesday, December 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

I love snowboarding.

My favorite time to snowboard is during or just following a snowstorm. Yesterday & today the first snowstorm of the 2009-2010 winter descended upon the Twin Cities.  We have three inches of snow in the driveway with more coming.  The winds carving beautiful etches in the snow.  Drifts and drifting snow  danced through the streets and yards.

I wished that I was snowboarding.

I’ve had wonderful snowboarding buddies over the years.  Miska & I tearing it up.  My dad & I in sub-zero weather.  Wonderful memories snowboarding with Josh & Shannon: laughing, chasing, playing follow the leader, muttering, and challenging one another.

I wish we were snowboarding now!

My finest solo snowboarding moment was floating down Vail’s Expresso run. I cannot imagine a more relaxing moment in my life. I was the only one on the run. Pristine virgin snow, shin-deep, fluffy but substantive. I floated down the mountain effortlessly.

Today as I relish the thought I recoil in self-pity.

Yesterday morning as simple as can be I toweled off after a nice shower. I reached down to dry my legs and my back popped. I’m not certain I articulated that thoroughly. I reach down and my back POPPED! It definitively shifted to the left and pain shook through my body.

A call to my favorite chiropractor, a handful of magnesium and ibuprofen and a rubdown with Biofreeze did little to abate my agony.

I spent the day walking tenuously like an ninety year old man.  A quick misstep, an abrupt turn, a dragged foot or a minute too long in the same position would send shutters of pain coursing through my body.

I trembled with pain.  I longed for relief.

Throughout the day I longingly I looked forward to the trip to see Troy Friesen at Park East Chiropractic.

I realize that by boldly identifying my chiropractor I risk jeopardizing my own convenient appointments. On the other hand, Dr. Troy is good. He asked questions. He listened attentively. He compassionately expressed his concern.  He offered a treatment plan.

The treatment specifics included stretching [mmmm], massage [errrr], “the rack” [I love this part!], muscle stim [bzzzz], cold treatment [brrr], relaxation [prrrr] and “an adjustment.”

Yeah, I woulda said [crrrack] but my muscle spasms were so pronounced that there was little willingness to move.

I wish I could say I’ll be snowboarding today, I will not.

Though I fantasized that Troy’s care would have relieved all of my symptoms with a single visit, they have not.

On the other hand, I am grateful that my symptoms have lessened, my pain is reduced and I am re-educated on some things that I need reminders to avoid.

In time I will be hitting up the slopes again.  In the meantime, I will have to satisfy myself with a photo of fun days in the past. Self-pity abounds, and this is my silent scream!

Scott Snowboarding

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  1. Scott… I am so sorry and I suggest yoga stretching to build a strong back. Hope you’re enjoying the snow from indoors and I’ll be reminiscing about treehouse snowboarding excursions!

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