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Apr 11

Seed To Sow

Posted on Thursday, April 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Amy Anika & Scott @ baby dedication_85pToday’s insightful guest post comes from our friend Angi of peepsarecool fame. Angi and her husband Aaron have a beautiful daughter Anika. I’m her proud godfather.

Hey – Angi’s work friends – pass this around. She shares my thoughts with you, please share her insights with others!

Here’s Angi:

Today I put in an “old school” CD, and brought Anika to child care. It was Michael W. Smith’s Go West Young Man.

The song that I was blessed with was “Seed to Sow.” 1

I sang to Anika and then sang to myself on the way to the bus stop.

When I got on the bus, I said my usual good morning to the bus driver and searched for an open seat. I smiled to the lady that I was about to sit next to, and she smiled back kindly.

This made me think…think about the song lyrics I just sang to my child…think about how I relate to others.

How often do we go through our day without acknowledging the people around us?

How often do we go through our day with our heads down, focusing on the our next goal without realizing the very person in the next desk is having a rough day?

How do I express my love for others and my God through my actions, words, and thoughts?

Today I think it is just the simple things that can make someones day.
– Looking in the bus drivers eyes and saying thank you for driving me to work.
– Looking in the cleaning lady’s eyes and asking her how her day is going.
– Looking into a co-workers eyes and saying “how can I help you”.

A simple smile, a simple question, a simple acknowledgement of the person can go a long way.

What kinds of seeds do you sow?

This is MY silent scream.

1 – Michael W. Smith’s song Seed To Sow lyrics can be found here

Bring on the comments

  1. I love the picture Scott. Thank you for the honor of sharing my thoughts.

  2. Thanks for being a blessing to all of us readers. =)

  3. Thanks for your words Angi! Sometimes we just need a little reminder to be a little more selfless, and appreciate others.

  4. I am one of Angi’s work-friends and she absolutely lives this everyday.. great post!

  5. Christi, thank you for your encouraging words and support of Angi!
    Ironically, I believe that you two will be sitting at the same table for the Gala/Josh Groban concert. =)

  6. Georgia, thanks for taking time to read & comment.
    I am not at all surprised that you feel that way about Angi.
    I’m not surprised, but I am blessed to know her co-workers see Angi’s character and her big heart!

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