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Dec 3

Searching For An Honest Person

Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

lonely_walkingI’m on a search.
A hunt.
I’m looking for an honest person.

I know…

I know I sound cynical, skeptical and maybe distrusting, but, well, I am. It’s one of the risks of the work I do. People, good people, trust me with the deep, dark parts of their lives.

Though I feel incredibly honored, respected and trusted, it also reminds me how often “honest people” can be various shades of dishonest depending in their circumstances.

I am…

I’m not casting any stones. I’m not putting anyone down, I’m the same way. I think of myself as an honest person – that’s quite a change from how I used to treat my parents – but I have heard myself lie without hesitation.

I’m embarrassed to type that, but it’s true. It usually happens on the phone with complete strangers.
– I lead them on to speed my resolution.
– I let them assume incorrect information.
– I exaggerate.
– Sometimes I’ve flat-out lied.

I’m looking…

I have a new friend on Facebook. He lives half a planet away. The needs he’s expressed are real, but I don’t know if I can trust him. I studied his Facebook. I checked his associates. I looked up associated web sites.

I emailed someone who might help me to discern if he’s trust-worthy. Their reply – if it ever comes – took longer than I wanted.

I researched some more. I really like my new friend and I want to trust him.

Do you know what helped, it’s funny but it’s true. Years ago I learned that the Firefox browser extension Web of Trust was a trustworthy way to guard us from unscrupulous sites. (Beware fake Web of Trusts. They exist!)

I search for information. I looked for a little green circle to help me “trust” it’s a safe sight and emailed another stranger who I “trust” will be honest and help me.

I’m believing…

God challenged the people of Israel to be honest. Three times the importance of honesty comes up in the ten commandments!

God didn’t emphasize honesty for no reason, it’s because dishonesty is so common. God wants to protect us from the consequences of dishonesty.

Honesty helps set us free from fear-filled relationships.

“Enough is enough, together let’s be more honest!” is mysilentscream.

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  1. I am believing too.

  2. Amen!

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