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Feb 11

Ruins and Regrets

Posted on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Bruno1In Bruno, What’s On Your Mind? he reveals the kind of relationships he’s pursued.

In Our First Time he goes into more details.

And now now here we are
In this big old empty room
Staring at each other, who’s gonna make the first move?
Been doing our thing for a minute
And now both our hearts are in it
The only place to go, is all the way

His intentions are obvious.
His intents are clear.

Is that alright?
Is that okay?

Just in case she says, “NO!” he answers his own question.

Girl, No need to be nervous
Cause, I, got, you, all, night
Don’t you worry bout a thing

“Don’t you worry…” What? How about guilt, shame, STDs, an unplanned pregnancy, etc.? “Don’t you worry…”?!? Please!

Here Are Questions People I KNOW People Ask:

Why did I say “yes”?
What was I thinking?

What can I do to get rid of these memories which swirl through my mind?
What can I do about the anger, discouragement and depression I feel about my choices?

What will _______ say?
What can I do about my reputation now?

I can’t believe I did it; how can I forgive myself?
How can God forgive me for what I did (or am doing)?

How do I get rid of this relationship?
What can I do to prevent this from happening again?

And, now that I have (STDs, an unplanned pregnancy, etc.), what hope do I have that I’ll ever a have healthy relationships in the future?

Ruins and Regrets, but NOT Destroyed

Jesus taught that “blessed are the poor in spirit” – the spiritually poor – because those who recognize they are spiritually helpless are actually ready for good news. 1

God blesses those who realize their need for him. We’re blessed when we’re at the end of our rope.
– No excuses.
– No minimizing.
– No justifications.
A heart that honestly regrets the past, is welcomed and transformed by God.

And so he said, “blessed are the spiritual zeros—the spiritually bankrupt, deprived and deficient, the spiritual beggars, those without a wisp of ‘religion’—when the kingdom of the heavens comes upon them.” 2

Those poor in spirit are called “blessed” by Jesus, not because they’re getting it right. Just the opposite. Aware of their deplorable condition – brokenhearted over their sins – heaven responds with a generous invitation to be forgiven by the grace of God.

The sacrifice God wants is a broken spirit. God, you will not reject a heart that is broken and sorry for sin.” 3

But this kind of change — change from the inside out — is worth the pain…It frees us to groan without complaint, to love others in spite of our emptiness, and to wait for the complete satisfaction we so desperately desire. 4

Against the odds, for the “poor in spirit” there is hope.

1 – Matthew 5:3
2 – From Dallas Willard’s book The Divine Conspiracy
3 – Psalm 51:17, NCV
4 – From Larry Crabb’s Inside Out

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