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Oct 12

Right On The Button, pt 2

Posted on Friday, October 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Wait, Why Am I Talking?

As I wrote yesterday the acronym W.A.I.T. is a great reminder — as they say — it’s right on the button.

It’s a big red pause button to stop my panic and prevent me from causing additional pain to myself or others.

I’m talking. Am I trying to coach and counsel? Or, am I trying to control?

Wait, Why Am I Talking?

I think Wait, Why Am I Talking? is a wonderful self-check as I pray as well.

Do I question God’s character?
Do I fear God’s rejection?
Do I think more words will move God’s hands?
Do I fear God cares less about this situation than I do?

Wait, Why Am I Talking?

Francois Fenelon, a 17th century Frenchman had another “right on the button” insight. Rather than launch into our next lecture explaining to our Creator how better to run things, Fenelon suggested this prayer:

Lord, I do not know what to ask of you—only you know what I need.
I simply present myself to you; I open my heart to you.
I have no other desire than to accomplish your will.
Teach me to pray. Amen

Rather than make another grasp for control, or a hopeless effort to calm our fears we can ask God, “Please teach me to pray,” and, God will.

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