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Jun 18

Regardless who wins the World Cup, June Oulund is a winner, and you will want to know her!

Posted on Friday, June 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

A search of google took 0.35 seconds to come up with 34 results, some of which have nothing to do with June.

How could my hero be so anonymous?

Sometimes heroes are like that. Living their lives without the publicity.

Heroes Are Usually Uncommonly Common People

Growing up I wanted to be a hero, to be special, to feel special, to do something special. I read comic books and admired public figures.

It’s funny, and sad, that it took me years until I realized that when I was seven years old, while sitting in a rickety wooden chair in a children’s program called Whirlybirds, that I sat in the presence of a genuine American treasure!

A Heroic Role Model

There are many ways to be heroic, most of them are daily choices to do the right thing at the right time, for the right reasons.

June has served God and the Chicagoland community for several decades as a law-abiding citizen, neighbor, friend, wife, mother, grandmother, counselor, teacher, youth leader, historian, writer, Sunday School teacher, church leader, social justice advocate and a person who loves the down and out with unconditional compassion and love.

June Oulund exemplified the principles that define TreeHouse a generation before our doors opened.

June has also made her mark as a historian.  As the former president of the Schiller Park Historical Society, June left a record of the past so that we can learn from their successes and well as their shortcomings.

With all that she has done to make individuals, groups large and small — sacred and secular — to see the good in life and in her community, June also is honest about her own shortcomings. She wants to be honest because in her honesty about her own struggles she points people to Jesus Christ, her Savior, not to a myth that implies she’s perfect.

Her honesty and humility serves to further illuminate two ways that June is growing into a Christ-like woman.

Do you see the wonder on the faces of two of June’s grandchildren?

Spending time with June is like that. When she speaks and you want to listen.

On this her 29th birthday [again!] I commend to you June Oulund my hero and a treasure you want to know!

Note – June you might fortunate enough to find a copy of June’s books:

Plow shares to jet fields: The story of Schiller Park

Reflections: Schiller Park through the years

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