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Nov 24

Red Letter Revolution by Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo

Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo wrote this book as a dialogue. Their hope is their conversation provides us with insight as we seek to live the teachings of Jesus.

Introduction: Why This Book?

“Whenever the word evangelical is used these days, a stereotype comes to mind…Trying to escape that definition, a group of us gathered together to adopt a new name for ourselves: Red Letter Christians.

Starting in 1899, Bibles have been published that highlight the words of Jesus in red. We adopted the name Red Letter Christians not only to differentiate ourselves from the social values generally associated with evangelicals but also to emphasize that we are Christians who take the radical teachings of Jesus seriously and who are committed to living them out in our everyday lives.”

Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo’s conversation covers several key issues facing western society and the church.


01. On History
02. On Community
03. On the Church
04. On Liturgy
05. On Saints
06. On Hell
07. On Islam
08. On Economics


09. On Family
10. On Being Pro-Life
11. On Environmentalism
12. On Women
13. On Racism
14. On Homosexuality
15. On Immigration
16. On Civil Disobedience
17. On Giving


18. On Empire
19. On Politics
20. On War and Violence
21. On National Debts
22. On the Middle East
23. On the Global Church
24. On Reconciliation
25. On Missions
26. On Resurrection


“First of all, there is a great deal of evidence that there is a hunger for this kind of Christianity…people had become tired of the ongoing arguments over such issues as gay marriage and abortion (as important as we believe these arguments to be), and want to focus instead on the things Jesus talked about.”

“Second, I believe that Red Letter Christians increasingly will become activists for social justice. Because they are taking the words of Jesus literally, they will be led into personal relationships with poor and oppressed people. Not only will they endeavor to respond to the immediate needs of these children of God but also they will be drawn into the social movements that are committed to changing those social structures that contribute to poverty and oppression.”

“Finally, we expect that Red Letter Christians will become significantly more oriented to spiritual disciplines.”

While I do not agree with all of their conclusions, I was forced into a sometimes painful self-assessment: “So the litmus test of whether or not something is Christian is the question, Does it look more and more like Jesus? There are some folks who would say they are Christian, but they are looking less and less like Jesus.”

Whether you agree or disagree with Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo’s opinions, this dialogue-based book is an engaging invitation into their perspective.


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