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Feb 1

Pro Bowl Friendships Fight Off Fears

Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ladies and Gentlemen, this week Shawn White road the GREATEST snowboard run in recorded history!  Watch it!

In honor of Shawn White’s courage and determination and hard work, if you want to have a Gold-Medal winning friendship I’ve got some advice. 

“Wait a minute!”  I know, this week I’m writing about Pro Bowl quality friendships, but I’m diverting the metaphor for today.

I know mixing my metaphors is a no-no, but he got a perfect score!

Locate The Trouble Spot – Try to assess what has gone wrong. Ask yourself, “How did we get into this mess?”

Apologize When You’re Wrong – All of us mess up. It is foolish to let pride and insecurity keep us from repairing and restoring.

Check To See If Your Fears Are Spoiling Your Friendships

Shawn White had won the gold.  He had nothing to prove.  He had fallen on his previous run, he could have walked away with a smile and his fifth straight gold medal, he didn’t.  That snowboarding run was “meaningless”, except that he set an even higher standard.

You and I could settle for the friendship depth and quality that we have.  It’s okay to do so.  Few people, in anyone, would complain.  You could hope that someone else would take the initiative, to take the risk, to step forward and be more vulnerable, trusting and courageous than you’ve been already, or you could be the one.

Shawn White does tricks that no one else on the planet does.  He’s blessed with good health, physically gifted and a hard-working athlete.

Who falls.
Who fails.
Who gets hurt.
Who feels embarrassed.
Who fears failure, rejection and injury…just like me, and you!

Fear-Free Friends

If you want your friendships to soar you’ll need courage, determination and a willingness not to give in to your fears.  If a large number of your close friendships fill with drama, it’s wise to assess if your patterns of relating are causing the problem.  Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s not. 

Most people have normal friendships. Humble prayer and an honest assessment will help you determine if your fears are limiting your friendships.  Consider asking an honest, trustworthy person’s opinion of how you relate to others.  Maybe you’ll be grateful that “It’s not you!”, or maybe you’ll be disappointed “It’s you”, but grateful later when you make amends.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you passed over Shawn White’s victory run, watch it now. He didn’t need to take the risk. No one would have complained. Let his example inspire us to do our best too! Here!

My challenge for you and me is to have gold medal winning friendships.


Note – These strategies are from Alan Loy McGinnis’ book “The Friendship Factor” you can find it here.

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