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Aug 22

Playing Hide & Seek

Posted on Monday, August 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hide and seek was always one of my favorite games.  Small and skinny I fit in small places.  Somewhat reckless I hod where others wouldn’t. I was almost never found.

Sometimes it seems like God plays hide and seek with us.

Sometimes God seems so elusive.  God seems to come close, but then, so quickly, God seems farther away.  Farther away, and hard to find.

And, sometimes I feel so spiritually alive, but then, so quickly, it all seems to fade.

Have you ever experienced that?

Fortunately, we’re not alone.  Abraham, Moses and David come to mind immediately.  We’re not alone. 1

Phil Yancey, in his book Reaching For The Invisible God adds, “I am not the first to experience dark times and will not be the last. If I respond by shutting God out, by giving up, I may well forfeit a necessary stage in growth toward a mature relationship. If God grants us the freedom to draw close and pull away, should not God have that same freedom?” 2

And, with that we play a divine game of hide and seek.


1 – Abraham [Genesis 17:17], Moses [Exodus 3:10-15] and David [Psalm 142] all had times when they struggled to keep trusting God.

2 – Phillip Yancey’s Reaching For The Invisible God is available here.

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