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Aug 23

Playing Clue

Posted on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Growing up I loved to play games.  As good as I was playing hide and seek, I was not very good at playing the game Clue. 1

You remember Miss Scarlet?  I seemed to never guess the solution first. Did the clues point to Colonel Mustard? Mrs. Peacock? Or, Professor Plum?  Who committed the crime?  Where?  How?

It was all a mystery to me. 

Sometimes I’d guess the right person in the wrong place.  Or, I’d suspect the wrong person when I thought I had it all figured out.  Too often I’d rush to judgment hoping to solve the mystery.

Over the years I’ve grown more comfortable, more patient, with mysteries; in games, in life and in my faith.

Phil Yancey agrees.  “Over time, I have grown more comfortable with mystery rather than certainty. God does not twist arms and never forces us into a corner with faith in himself as the only exit. We can never present the Final Proof, to ourselves or to anyone else. We will always, with Pascal, see “too much to deny and too little to be sure . . .”

“I look to Jesus, God laid bare to human view, for proof of God’s refusal to twist arms. Jesus often made it harder, not easier, for people to believe. He never violated an individual’s freedom to decide, even to decide against him. I marvel at how gently Jesus handled the reports of John the Baptist’s doubts in prison, and how tenderly he restored Peter” despite Peter’s three betrayals. 2

While God does not seem too inclined to answer all of our questions I continue to be grateful for the faith that I have so that like Blaise Pascal I can say, “too much to deny and too little to be sure.” 3

1 – If you’re patient you can probably buy a copy of the game of Clue at a thrift store or at a local garage sale.  If you’d rather have one arrive at your door you can buy the game of Clue here.

2 – Phillip Yancey’s Reaching For The Invisible God is available here.

3 – Blaise Pascal’s thought-provoking book Pensées is available in many formats for free here on Project Gutenberg.

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