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May 25

Perilous Pride

Posted on Friday, May 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

One of my all-time favorite television shoes is Columbo.  I love how the seemingly dimwitted detective relentlessly unravels the mystery.

Consistently Columbo faces intelligent murderers who dismiss Columbo as a nitwit who they can easily outwit.

In one of my favorite Columbo episodes is Bye Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case.

Wikipedia explains that, after Bertie Hastings discovers that his friend, Oliver Brandt, a senior partner in an accounting firm, has been embezzling money to support the lifestyle of his wife, Brandt kills Hastings at the Sigma Society, a club for geniuses. 1

It’s in the Sigma Society that Columbo is informed that all of the club members rate in the top 2% of I.Q.s.  Columbo utters one of his funniest lines, “Well, what do you know. Here I am talking with some of the smartest people in the world, and I didn’t even notice!”

Bertie Hastings is a brilliant but prideful man. Columbo exploited his pride. Bertie Hastings’ pride got the best of him.

Watch the wonderful conclusion of the episode here on Youtube.

Ever think something was a great idea only to realize it was a mistake?

I bet my family would immediately think of my brilliant idea to buy our kids bunk bed futons.  It seemed like a great idea.

– The price was decent.
– Each of our kids could have their own bed.
– Each of our kids could have room for a buddy to have her/his own bunk when they sleepover.
– The kids loved the idea.
– I talked Amy into the idea, and…

We bought them, but…

– They were creaky and noisy.
– They took up too much room in the room.
– They were uncomfortable; you could feel the bed frame through the futon mattresses.
– It was hard to make the lower bed in and around the bed frame.
– It was even more inconvenient to climb up and make the bed on the upper level.

Beware the peril of pride.

Without accountability even the wisest people can become fools.


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