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Oct 17

Peculiar People Change The World

Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

William Wilberforce — as mentioned yesterday — was a bold, but peculiar man, who changed the world.

William Wilberforce was also featured in the movie Amazing Grace. It’s a powerful film that reveals the tension that Wilberforce faced in his personal and public life.

People who step forward or step “out of line” face that tension. 

– Teens who stand up against bullies are often threatened themselves.
– Entrepreneurs who market boldly are often ostracized by their competition.
– Excited parents are glared at when they cheer for their daughter or son at sporting events.
– Weather forecasters are often derided when their forecasts are mistaken.
– Fans who cheer too loudly at sporting events can be shouted down.

Embarrassing moments can happen in the most innocent settings when you have the best intentions.

When you realize that you’re the only one clapping in church.

When a courageous teen proclaims their affection to their crush, when word gets out unkind teens can humiliate both teens.

What can we do then?
What do we do with our regrets?
What do we do with our embarrassment?

What can we do with all the “if only…” self-talk running through our heads?

Fight your fear of embarrassment with the following self-talk: 1

1. Everyone admires someone who has the courage to say what they think, even if they don’t agree with it.

2. What’s the worst that can happen? If I make a fool of myself it breaks the ice and people warm to me.

3.  There are no stupid questions – I bet everyone wants to know the answer and is afraid to ask.

World-changers are often average people willing to step up and step out.

“Whether it’s genocide in places such as Darfur, Sudan; or the exploitative sex trafficking of women and girls in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia (among other areas), slavery and savagery still lurk. We may be tempted to believe our involvement in such issues can’t accomplish much, but Wilberforce’s story inspires us to believe that real change is possible.” 2

May we each step forward when God calls us to do so.


1 – Life Coaching For Dummies by Jeni Mumford has several helpful suggestions.

2 – Plugged In Magazine

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  1. Good stuff….for myself and my daughter

  2. Thanks from me to both of you! =D

  3. another peculiar man stated “, “The Bible is alive, it speaks to me; it has feet, it runs after me; it has hands, it lays hold of me.”

    The Bible, God’s Word changed him and he changed the world. The man was Martin Luther

  4. Thanks Mike!
    Love that Luther insight.
    What a courageous, peculiar, bold, and embattled hero he was.

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