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Dec 31

Parties & Problems

Posted on Monday, December 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

You freely admit it. You’re a social guy. It doesn’t matter where the action is—you want to be in on it. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with his best buddies on a Saturday night?

On this particular Saturday night, however, there’s a problem. Your parents are out of town for the night, and you promised you’d stay home. Alone. As in you, yourself, and the family goldfish.

But then Drew calls. The movie’s over, and the guys are looking for a place to chill. Nothing wild, just to hang out, play some Xbox, unwind. You know you should say no. You gave your word. But Drew can be persuasive, and he knows your parents are gone. Before you know it, you’ve invited five guys over.

Well, you think, what’s the harm? It’ll be fun. My parents won’t know the difference.

Of course, when the guys arrive, it’s not five people piling out of the cars but ten, a few of them girls. You have second thoughts, but you let them in anyway.

And it is fun. Jake tells a few jokes that get everybody going. Brandon does his always-hilarious impression of the school principal. Then Drew gives you the thumbs-up. You’ve just earned the top score on his social meter.

Now it’s your turn to take center stage. You start the story of your climb up Mount Rainier last summer, the one where your partner slipped and you had to pull him back to safety. You build the suspense. You’re getting to the good part. You can see that a couple of the girls are leaning forward, waiting to hear what happened.

This, you think, is turning into a great party.

Which is exactly when it happens. Headlights in the driveway. Car doors slamming. Front door opening.

Your parents are home early.


Your spirits drop faster than your buddy on Mount Rainier. There are disappointed looks and angry words from your parents. But the worst part? Drew’s muffled laugh as he walks out the door, shaking his head. Your score has just dropped from ten to zero.

I’ve been there. We all have. Sooner or later, we all get caught in the act. It’s been going on forever. It happened even when Jesus walked the earth.


From Wild Grace by Max Lucado and James Lund.

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