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Jul 26

Parents, Lovers and Friends, Ask Questions!

Posted on Thursday, July 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Monday I warned you about 9 Consequences Of Not Listening.

Yesterday I introduced you to 8 Benefits Of Asking Questions Instead Of Demanding To Be Heard.

Today let me expand on those 8 benefits for parents, lovers and friends.

Note – While I color-coded for parents, lovers and friends, the suggestions are not exclusively for those groups.

Questions help us understand the problem from another perspective.
Parents – You’ll take a step back from your worry-place.
Lovers – You’ll maintain your commitment to togetherness.
Friends – You’ll contribute to the brainstorming.

Questions help us explore solutions you may not have considered.
Parents – Help look when you might normally have closed your eyes.
Lovers – Together you’ll see more when you’re both looking for answers.
Friends – Help explore new ideas you haven’t envisioned.

Questions draw out solutions.
Parents – You won’t shut your kids down.
Lovers – You won’t fix your lover.
Friends – You won’t limit ideas.

Questions help us identify the other person’s needs, goals and intentions.
Parents – You’ll learn something new.
Lovers – You’ll expand your perspective.
Friends – You’ll see what has been hidden from you.

Questions communicate our trust in their ability to solve the problem.
Parents – You’ll build their self-esteem.
Lovers – You’ll affirm your faith-filled love.
Friends – You’ll prepare them to support you another day.

Questions place the responsibility for finding a solution on one another.
Parents – You’ll maintain your role & support their decision making with their problems.
Lovers – You’ll maintain your role and stand together.
Friends – You’ll maintain your role and avoid codependency.

Questions allow us to help the other person evaluate the choices she or he has.
Parents – You’ll open doors most parents unfortunately shut.
Lovers – You’ll draw out answers.
Friends – You’ll encourage their thinking.

Questions build confidence and independence in problem solving.
Parents – Your children need it.
Lovers – Your beloved deserves it.
Friends – Your friend wants it.

Commit becoming an ever-improving listener and everyone you care about will benefit.

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