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Parents In Pain

For more than twenty years I’ve been supporting parents who try to navigate their feelings, thoughts, beliefs, concerns and fears. That said, I’ve collected the posts on that seeks to support you as a parent and your loved ones.

They’ve been a blessing to others, I hope they bless you and your loved ones too.

1. Sometimes I feel like a failure.
7 Success Tips
Isos, Heroes, Cowards and Losers
Blinded By Fear

2. Their choices, like yours and mine, often make sense … at the moment of decision.

3. What they don’t know seems scarier than their present level of pain or anxiety. People want to feel safe. We want to feel secure. We prefer control. We resist change.

4. Being a dad is hard; harder than I hoped it would be. Really, my kids…are great. The problem is me. I keep falling short.

5. Think of a time when you believe that you failed. Whether the fear of failure played an obvious part in your “failure” or not, let’s take a deeper look.

6. 9 Consequences Of Not Listening

7. Commit becoming an ever-improving listener and everyone you care about will benefit.

8. I had to be very strict with myself … I would stop and say, ‘Wait, why am I talking?’

9. (W.A.I.T. is) a big red pause button to stop my panic and prevent me from causing additional pain to myself or others.

10. Let’s guard our hearts against the toxicity of unresolved anger.

11. I NEED unfailing — unconditional, never-gonna-give-up-on-you, love without strings — love.

12. God may hate what’s happened, but have plans to somehow, someway bring some good out of the worst of situations.

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